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Toby Summerskill Photography

I am a Photographer based in London

All photographs on this site were taken by
Toby Summerskill.

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"Elvis Belt Outake"

More to come from this great series of corporate portraits as soon as the client goes online, can’t wait to get more of these images up here on my site as it was a mammoth project of nearly 200 portraits in my classic black & white recipe.

Hiver Beer,

Great client - brilliant creative agency - happy photographer!

This is some content that I shot last week that Colt Design have worked into the new Hiver Beers website which is now online!

Visiting the Hiver hive and meeting the queen bee (with her roughly 60,000 strong entourage) was definitely one of the highlights for my work this year so far!

Hand carved blue Quartz rings from Decadorn.

Completely reshot her work this week for an upcoming lookbook & website overhaul.

Too big for the scanner?

Bring it over to the studio & I shall provide great portfolio coverage.

A0 Masterwork shown here from a shoot this week of Dr Zadok’s back-catologue of work.

About Toby


I am a photographer living and working in London, this is a blog showing you some of the favorite images that I have worked on.

Services include:

  • Design and product photography ~ jewellery cut-outs, apparel, print-work, ceramics, furniture, graffiti and fine-art paintings.
  • Documentary photography ~ street photography, event photography and behind-the-scenes stills,
  • Documentary Film-making ~ Filming of events & performance, often using my own specialist time-lapse techniques.
  • Post Production ~ 10+ years experience on Photoshop, with retouching skills in many areas inc. correction & clean up, cutouts for catalogs, time-lapse video processing, print & web preparation.
  • Studio facilities ~ I have built & developed 3 photographic studios with infinity curves in London & have the paint-caked-boots to prove it!
  • Production ~ For my clients & also a select group of photographers & filmmakers I assist with 2nd camera, production/behind the scene stills, set~building, equipment provision, site reccys, photography of campaigns en situe & moral support!

I currently co-manage Spoke Studios, a 12,000 ft space in East Central London which serves as a base for my photographic work

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Wallpaper design by Toby Summerskill ~ 4 metres square coverage shown.

Botanical images courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden, New York Botanical Garden & the North Carolina State University Libraries.

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